1. Chatham Bars Inn: Grampa Bob says this is for a special seaside lunch or dinner.  (check the dress code first)
  2. Rock Bottom in Cedarville.  Uncle Paul says the best lobster roll and fried clams on the Cape!  Informal and 10 minutes from the house.  Michiel makes sure he gets the chowder here at least once per trip before heading back home.
  3. The Belfry Bistro in Sandwich.  Just over the bridge to this repurposed old church.  If you like pork belly, lamb or steak Uncle Paul says this is the place.
  4. Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich.  Uncle Paul says go here for the prime rib when you're tired of fish.  Sit in the solarium and sip your wine while enjoying the history around you.

Ice Cream Favorites: 

(so much to choose)

  1. Onset Town Center - Grampa Bob

Great Drives:

Rte 28 and 28A from Harwichport to Woods Hole

Day Trips:

  1. Nantucket (Jenny's favorite)
  2. Martha's Vineyard

We say - visit both!   Decide for yourself which is best.


  1. Bike Trip along the canal

84 Mayflower


  1. Waverly Oaks in Plymouth (very close to house)
  2. Pine Hills in Plymouth